Windscreen wipers never get the respect they deserve! It’s estimated that in a single year a set of wiper blades will make more than one million wipes – just imagine that! They remove rain, snow, ice, and dirt from your

Ensure that your air-con system is running at maximum efficiency. We all use our Land Rover air-con systems all year round – Not only through the hotter summer months, but also in the winter as it helps keep your windows

If your Land Rover is feeling a bit more sluggish than it used to it may benefit from an injector max service. An injector max service will not only maximise fuel economy and increase performance it will also reduce emissions.

JGS4X4 carried out a monster remap on a Fiat Ducato motor home. When the owner bought the vehicle into the workshop, it came fitted with a crude ‘piggyback’ tuning box that simply plugged into the fuel rail pressure sensor. So

This high mileage Discovery 3 TDV6 Auto came to the JGS4X4 workshop for a well-needed gearbox mega flush. The old fluid was burnt and black! What happens when your Land Rover has a gearbox flush? One of our experienced technicians

A local farmer came to the JGS4x4 workshop complaining that his Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 was experiencing a lack of power, poor mpg and he was finding the Discovery 3 was reluctant to start. We ran the diagnostic to find

Autotek Truck Bed Liner Aerosol

Are you looking to restore or customise a vehicle? Autotek produces a range of professional paints, primers, and specialist coverings. The Autotek range is ideal for DIY and professional use. The aerosol cans have a nozzle that gives similar results

How did a company like Land Rover, with such a large range of modern 4×4’s manage to let the iconic Defender simply plod along for so long, and then allow it to be absent from the market for nearly four

  The Defender has been around for so long now that it’s become something of an icon in the automotive world. Its reputation as the ultimate off-roader is richly deserved. The ladder chassis, mechanical all-wheel-drive system, and simple, strong panel

JGS4X4 recently had a 4X4 owner of another major brand order an ARB Side Awning and Brackets to mount on the roof rack of his Jeep Cherokee – Yes they fit Jeeps too. Our customer left us this comment: “All

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