Our Series2a restoration continues and over the last couple of weeks we have given her a new battery, carburettor, fuel tank and now she has a new starter motor.   We replaced the old with a new:  Powerlite Starter Motor >

We’re still a few months away from the official debut of Land Rover’s Defender 2020, but the new leaks reveal there will be three different sizes of the Defender. You’ll be able to get your Defender in three or five-door

JGS4x4 have been selling the Noco lithium Jump Starters for awhile, however, the NOCO GB50 is new to our online shop. The GB50 has a perfect place in the jump start market between the GB40 and GB70 It’s rated at

Did you know that Land Rover started as the British version of the Jeep and that they were owned by BMW for a while? And the first Land Rover had the steering wheel in the middle? Or that tank treads

With Mabel’s carburetta cleaned, rebuilt and back in place our next job was to look at the fuel tank.  This was not in great shape! The fuel tank had to be replaced as it was too far gone to repair. 

JGS4X4 have been performing lots of gearbox flushes recently. So why would your Land Rover need a Gearbox Mega Fluid Flush? The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission

There’s been a lot of talk in the press recently regarding Jaguar Land Rover being up for sale. Dr. Ralph Speth has reiterated that the British carmaker is not changing ownership any time soon. “Today it’s very simple. Jaguar Land

As the Range Rover P38 celebrates 25 years we look whether a P38 would be a good buy in the secondhand market. If you were to buy a brand new Range Rover, it would set you back at least £80,000.

The engine crankcase breathers on Freelander 1 TD4 engines are notorious for getting blocked and clogging, causing the engine to breathe heavy. If left this can cause further, more serious problems to the engine and eventually lead to turbo failure!

Most Jacks tend to be heavy, cumbersome, made of metal and often unstable when used in your normal off-roading rescue conditions.  They also do not pack very easily. The award-winning Bushranger X-Jack is an exhaust inflated airbag that will do

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