2008 Discovery 3 Gearbox Flush and Monster Tuning Remap

Vehicle:  Black 2008 Discovery 3 2.7 TD6, 90,000 miles

Problem: Preventative

This customer came to us for a preventative Discovery 3 Gearbox Flush. This service we offer is always a good idea once you have a fair few miles on the clock to avoid expensive problems before they start to show.

We use a flush additive to remove varnish and clean internal components. The old fluid is then removed and replaced simultaneously with ZX-6HP specification fluid. We also add a conditioner to the new ATF fluid which helps to maintain the fluid, gearbox and seals in good condition.

While this customer was with us he also treated his Discovery 3 to a Monster Tunning Remap to increase performance power and torque. He also wanted achieve better fuel economy. A Monster Tunning Remap enables you to drive with less gear changes and improved acceleration.

Power increase from 190bhp to 228 bhp, massive torque increase to 524NM

These two services work really well together! They are both while you wait services.

Book your Monster Tunning Remap and Discovery 3 Gearbox Flush now!

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