2011 Discovery 4 Gearbox Flush


Vehicle: 2011 Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6
Mileage: 89,000
Problem: Preventative measure

This Discovery 4 belonged to a local tradesman who uses the car for work. After towing a 3.5 tonne trailer every day, he brought the car in for a gearbox flush to try and prevent any future gearbox problems that often come with towing. We recommend doing this, as prevention is always better than cure!

Result: Car was ready to go and take on a new day!

Book in now for your Gearbox Flush!

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2 comments on “2011 Discovery 4 Gearbox Flush
  1. Oliver Timms says:

    I was told the Discovery 4’s could not be flushed?

    How come you can do them but my local gearbox specialist cannot?

    • James says:

      Hi Oliver, Yes we can do all the ZF 6 Speed gearboxes. The Discovery 4 had the same 6 speed gearbox up until 2012 when they changed it to the 8 speed. The later 8 speed gearbox holds less fluid so you would expect the fluid to wear out quicker, but again Land Rover say they are sealed for life and have no provision for changing the gearbox fluid! The later gearboxes do have different spec of oil that is supposed to last longer but time will tell!

      The gearbox oil cooler is different between the 2.7TDV6 and the 3.0TDV6 6-speeds but we have had a special adaptor made to enable us to carry out flushes on the Disco 4’s as long as they are the 6 speed models.

      We are working on the later 8-speeds but there are some complications.

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