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2008 Discovery 3 Gearbox Flush and Monster Tuning Remap

Vehicle:  Black 2008 Discovery 3 2.7 TD6, 90,000 miles Problem: Preventative This customer came to us for a preventative Discovery 3 Gearbox Flush. This service we offer is always a good idea once you have a fair few miles on the clock

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What is a gearbox flush & should I get one?

Are you finding that your much loved Land Rover is having problems with its auto gearbox? Slow changing gears, juddering, hunting between gears or over-revving? Then here at JGS, we have the exact resolution to your issues. It sounds like

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Did you know most 4X4’s have never been Off-Roading?

Most 4 wheel drives spend their days on the road carrying out routine schools runs, daily commutes and shopping trips.  Most owners are scared of getting their tyres dirty! However, once you take the plunge into the world of off-roading

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Our 5* products

Here at JGS we love everything Land Rover. So we can’t wait for you customers to try our new products & see what you think – take a look at what is hot this month: Land Rover Discovery 2 &

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Friday Coffee Break Challenge

Here at JGS 4X4 we know how to have fun! I recently challenged all the JGS 4X4 staff to do this cheeky little Land Rover Coffee Break Quiz  (our average score was 8/10 by the way). I thought being Land Rover

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Give your fuel system a treat with a diesel additive

Millers Diesel Power Ecomax is a high specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness.  It also boasts improved detergency and lubricity enhancers.  The main benefits you will notice when using Millers Diesel Power Ecomax, is the

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Discovery 2 Performance Brake Upgrade Kit

If you regularly tow a large trailer or caravan with your Land Rover Discovery 2, or you like to drive fast, then you may have had the unfortunate situation where the brakes have not felt quite as reassuring as they should

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Everyday Essentials For A Landy Owner

Being an owner of a Land Rover vehicle adds excitement to life’s boring adventures and allows you to experience off-road driving with maximum fun. With all the thrill and adventure of owning a Land Rover comes the practical side, which

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Check out our frosty morning winter essentials – Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter!

This winter make sure you are prepared and order in those winter essentials. Fed up of de-icing your Land Rover in the mornings? Securely cover your 4X4 with this POLCO water & weather resistant car cover to protect it from

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Which Land Rover Is For Me?

Land Rover – The British made company that never disappoints, with their four-wheel drive vehicles setting an exclusivity with their design and power. Obviously, here at JGS we are huge fans of Land Rover and their designs, so if we

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