Discovery 3: Preventative Automatic Gearbox Mega Flush

This very smart looking Discovery 3 came in for a gearbox mega flush. No reported problems. The owner was taking the wise precaution of preventative maintenance rather than waiting for gearbox problems to arise.Automatic gearbox mega flush

Automatic gearbox mega flush >

The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission fluid that is changed regularly; helps disperse heat better, lubricates clutch plates, and contains fresh detergents to keep the transmission clean and operating properly.

If the fluid is not changed, over time important additives oxidize and break down, reducing the ability of the fluid to lubricate and protect. This may cause acid, rust and sludge in the fluid, which is the leading cause of transmission failure.

A conventional transmission service leaves about 60% of the old fluid still in the system in the torque converter and oil cooler, this can cause malfunction of the transmission or complete failure.

An Automatic Gearbox Fluid Mega Flush can be performed on Discovery 3’s, Discovery 4’s and Range Rover Sports with the ZF-6HP automatic gearbox.

Is your auto gearbox slow at changing gear? Juddering, hunting between gears or over-revving? Then book an ATF mega flush and fluid change now.

Automatic gearbox mega flush >

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