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Over the last few months the UK has been battered with high winds, floods and most recently artic and snowy conditions. When listening to the news there are many stories of the trusty 4×4 community coming together to help in extreme situations, from rescuing cars stuck in snow and ice to helping the emergency services get patients to Hospitals or District Nurses to their home visits.

4×4 Response is an organisation which recruits volunteers to assist in such activities. There are local units across the Uk where you can sign yourself up as a member to help in times of extreme weather conditions.

4X4 Response

From the depths of Devon & Cornwall in the South West, to the highlands of Scotland there are groups in all regions, all willing to give up their time and vehicle to help those in time of need.

What a fantastic organisation!
If you are interested in joining the 4×4 Response click on the link to find the nearest 4×4 Response in your area: 4×4 Group Register

With increased risk of flooding and extremes of weather and in circumstances where remote locations or uneven terrain are involved the emergency and voluntary services often find themselves without the correct resources.  4×4 Response groups, by one name or another, formally and informally, across the UK have voluntarily provided valuable support in these circumstances.

All weathers, at all times of the day and night 365 days a year.

Their site provides information and support to these local community groups who volunteer their vehicles in times of flood, severe weather and other emergencies where four wheel drive is needed. You will find information on the organisation, your local and neighbouring groups, their contact details, level of organisation and capability.

If no group exists already in your area there is information on how to go about forming one. In addition there is a discussion forum where you can ask for help, share information and get an idea of the national picture.

If you have been inspired by the heroic stories of 4×4 drivers coming to the rescue over the last week, then this may be the perfect new hobby for you!

Contact 4×4 Response 

It is a fantastic idea and organisation, so check it out.  Maybe some of our readers are already members?

Let us know if you are? It is always good to hear stories from our readers and 4×4 community.


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4 comments on “4×4 Response Units
  1. Griff says:


    Hi, I’m a member of the West Midlands 4×4 Response Group and was involved, along with fellow members, transporting medical staff to and from work in the last two periods of snow before and after Christmas.

  2. Keith says:


    Yeah me and my son are in the Hertfordshire group, we have a Disco 3 and a 110

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