A big thank you to all volunteering 4×4 drivers this weekend!

We all know how much fun it is to ‘show off’ the true capability of Land Rover 4×4’s, and when it snows the fun begins!  Many of you volunteered your services this weekend towing out stranded cars in a weekend that proved to be very challenging for the average car. But nothing was too much for the tough reliable Land Rover 4X4’s of the UK.

The UK came to a stand still as the ‘white Suff’ fell across the land bringing the UK roads to a stand still. Roads became a treacherous ice rink with cars sliding into each other, and single lane traffic battling each other to get home from a weekend of Christmas parties! Cars and lorries stuck with no way of getting on their way again – Along comes the trusty 4×4 to the rescue! Farmers with tractors, Land Rovers , Range Rovers , all you 4×4 owners offering a ‘helping’ tow out of trouble.

A plea also came from the NHS to help the struggling Emergency Services cope with the demands the weather had thrown at them! 4×4 owners stepped up to the job and lined up outside the hospitals all offering their services for free, to help transport doctors and nurses to the old, sick and vulnerable! Those whom were in real need – all of you helping to save lives!

If you towed someone out of trouble, helped them up a hill, queued outside a hospital waiting to help, or took a district nurse to a sick patient, then you did something very special this weekend!

A MASSIVE round of applause goes out to you all – Well done 4×4 owners! you did yourselves proud!

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2 comments on “A big thank you to all volunteering 4×4 drivers this weekend!
  1. Colin Atkinson says:

    All 4×4 owners always help where they can which I will do this winter as I have fitted a winch bumper and winch to the front ov my discovery and ready to help any one who need’s help like getting stranded car owner’s out or anything els

    • janeh says:

      All you guys do a fantastic job! It’s what these cars are made for, so it is great when we get to use them to their full capacity, and for a great cause. Keep up the great work and stay safe!

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