A busy summer of Gearbox Flushes!

JGS4X4 have been performing lots of Gearbox Flushes this summer, from Discovery’s to Range Rover’s. They are all experiencing the benefits of getting their Land Rovers’ gearboxes serviced.

We recently performed a Gearbox Flush on this Discovery 3.

Gearbox flushed, adaptions reset another happy customer leaves the workshop!

The owner was experiencing a slight hunting and hesitant gear change and as suspected the old fluid was dark and burnt! Discovery 3’s, Discovery 4’s and Range Rover Sports with the ZF-6HP automatic gearbox should have a lovely smooth gear change. However, these gearboxes are supposed to be sealed for life so no service schedule includes changing the gearbox fluid.  As with any hardworking oil, the gearbox fluid in these gearboxes can get hot and generally worn out.

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Feel free to contact us to ask a question or to book your Land Rover into our workshop for a gearbox flush.

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