A cheap easy fix for a Land Rover stiff gear change

Are you experiencing a stiff gear change on your automatic gearbox? Don’t panic JGS4x4 has a cheap easy fix for Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 or Range Rover Sport owners.

Discovery 3 & 4 and Range Rover Sport, Automatic Gearbox Cable Linkage Repair Lever & Bush Kit


Is your gear lever stiff and hard to change gear?

If your Discovery 3, 4 or Range Rover Sport is jumping out of gear or just won’t go into gear then this is also a sign that you need to replace the linkage lever & bush kit.

It is a common problem for the gear shift lever link at the end of the gear selector cable to rust and seize making it difficult to charge or engage gears, so you may need to replace your gearbox cable linkage lever.

JGS4X4 quality replacement parts are equivalent to Land Rover part numbers: LR012704 & TZT500040

Suitable for the following Land Rover models with the 6 Speed ZF6HP automatic gearbox:

Discovery 3: 2004-2009, 6 Speed Auto – BUY NOW

Discovery 4: 2010> 6 Speed Auto – BUY NOW

Range Rover Sport: 2005-2012, 6 Speed Auto – BUY NOW

This is a fairly easy DIY job to replace the linkage lever. Make sure to mark the cable shaft before removing the old one so you can reassemble in the same position. (There are a few Youtube videos out there if you need a bit of help).

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3 comments on “A cheap easy fix for a Land Rover stiff gear change
  1. Bob says:

    My 2010 discovery 4 when I select D it just revs ! Move lever to park or N then back to D it’s ok.
    Taken it in to local garage.
    They said it’s a rod that goes into the gearbox that’s worn but have adjusted it as far as they can ! Now it seems to have worked but they told me expensive job to repair properly is it ?
    It’s worrying for me to drive like this any info would be welcome ????


    • James says:

      It would be most unusual for the gear selector rod to be worn. It is common on these gearboxes for the gear selector cable and linkage to seize making it difficult to properly select Drive. If the gear lever feels stiff then this could be the problem. It might be possible to free the seized cable and selector lever with some WD40 or similar.

  2. Bob Burgess says:

    Oh might just add mileage 92k

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