A few more reasons NOT to own a Land Rover

A while ago we wrote a blog ‘A few reasons not to own a Land Rover‘. Recently while working on my own Land Rover one weekend I thought of a few more fun reasons not to own a Land Rover.  Starting very appropriately with…

Your weekends will never be the same again.

When you become a Land Rover owner you become part of a whole new world, you become ‘an enthusiast’…clubs and events will take over your life. Weekends full of green lane outings, Land Rover shows and club meets. Your weekends will be full of Land Rover jobs and nothing else will ever get done. You will have a list of things to be done on the Land Rover and sadly you will probably never get to the bottom of that list!

You will never have a ‘snow day’ again.

When you own a Land Rover you will never have the opportunity to play the ‘snow day card’!  While all your colleagues are stuck in ditches, or can’t get off their drives – you won’t have any excuse not to turn up to work.  You will HAVE to go and you will WANT to go so you can prove the power and worth of your Land Rover!  More than likely your boss will call and ask you to pick him up on the way in.

You’ll end up broke.

Let’s face it a Land Rover is a personal statement that’s begging to be customized. You’ll want to make it your own. Spending copious amounts of money on upgrades and accessories on the perfect look.  And sadly most of you will not regret a penny of it. Good luck.

Why fly on holiday when you can drive?

Why fly to Morocco when you can drive and traverse the Atlas mountains in a Land Rover? Why stay in a hotel in a city when you can camp on your roof under the stars? Your sense of adventure will thrive with dreams of faraway remote destinations that can now become a reality with, of course, a ‘ONE LIFE, LIVE IT’ sticker on the back.

You will change – become a bit odd!

Obscure part numbers will spring to mind! You will spend hours on the internet looking for parts until you learn that really you just need to go to JGS4x4.co.uk !! You will end up at Land Rover car boots rummaging through pots looking for dirty of nuts, bolts, and widgets – all for a £1. You will acquire more tools than your old shed can hold, as every job will warrant a new tool to fix your Land Rover.

and finally good luck with your marriage…

Whether you’re or a bloke or a Lady Land Rover owner you will come to love your Land Rover more. Your partner will become jealous of your growing crowd of admirers…around your Land Rover of course!  You will also spend more time with your head rammed up a wheel arch, than gazing into each other eyes.

Remember to think twice before you enter the world of Land Rovers!

Don’t forget for all your Land Rover Parts and Accessories come to JGS4X4

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