Are you fed up of waiting for your Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport to warm up? 

 Do you crave instant hot air to blow through the car on a cold frosty morning?

Check this out!

This clever device allows you to switch on the heater remotely by either:

  1. Manually by flashing the headlights
  2. By sending a text message
  3. By programming it to come on at certain times.

The Fuel Burning Heater Remote Controller with GSM & Tracker warms the engine coolant and engine, allowing the engine to start easily even in the depths of winter, particularly useful if your car has faulty glow plugs – they are not easy to change!

Ideal for warming your engine on cold winter mornings while sitting in the comfort of your house.

No need to go outside and start your engine to defrost the car!

This handy device is especially handy if you have a Discovery 3 with faulty or failed heater plugs that refuse to start in cold temperatures.  The auxiliary fuel burning heater on the Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport models only worked whilst the engine is running at temperatures below 5 degrees to enable the engine and interior to heat up quicker.

The heater is triggered using one of two main options. The first is your Land Rover original key fob using its 3rd button when it’s set to control the follow me home headlights function as seen in your handbook pages 35 & 36, or the secondly by sending an SMS text message. (sim card must be installed)

Start and or stop the heater by pressing the key fob to flash activate the headlights for 5-10 seconds or by one of the many options we added for control including pre-set timed starts and tracking via SMS.

Find out more here.

Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport Fuel Burning Heater Remote Controller with GSM & Tracker


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