Be careful who you get to work on your Land Rover!

We recently had a complaint from a customer trying to claim some brake discs were faulty that he bought from us and fitted to one of his customers Land Rover’s. He claimed they had only been fitted for 3 months and they were worn out and broken and could have caused an accident.

Naturally, we were concerned so we asked to see some photos. We were shocked at what we were sent. Have a look at these photos!

It is obvious the problem has been caused by the bolts that hold the brake disc to the hub are loose causing the disc to move, wobble and fracture. Also, look at the state of the brake disc surface, obviously the pads have totally worn out and rubbing the metal backing pads against the disc surface.

This car would have been extremely dangerous to drive for several hundreds of miles, this did not happen quickly.

Our customer insisted he was a fully trained mechanic of 20 years and has been working on Land Rovers all his life!

Just be careful who you trust your car with as dodgy work like this can cause serious accidents! Stay safe.

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