Best car jump starter booster pack to keep in your car?

Have you ever had the inconvenience of getting in your car only to find it will not start because of a flat battery?

Car Wont Start Flat battery

There are few things as annoying as having a flat car battery!

Your car battery can go flat for a number of reasons:

  1. Lights left on
  2. The battery is old and at the end of its life
  3. Car not used for long periods
  4. Problem with car electrical system draining the battery
  5. Battery not being charged by the engine’s charging system

It is best to keep your car properly maintained and serviced but car batteries do not last forever and often fail without warning. You can be assured that this will happen at the most inconvenient time and place! Most people belong to a breakdown service who can come and jump-start you or replace your battery which is great but not ideal if you are on your way to an appointment, picking the children up or on your way home from work!

It is a good idea to keep a portable 12-volt jump starter in your car just for such emergencies. In the old days portable jump starters used to be big, heavy battery packs but in the last few years have been replaced with small, lightweight multi-function devices such as the Noco Genius Boost GB40 and GB70 that can fit in a glove box or door pocket yet can supply an incredible amount of power to jump-start a car, 4×4, van or even a truck’s engine!

Noco GB40 and GB70 Genius Boost

The NOCO GB40 and GB70 Genius Boost Portable 12v Jump Starters

These small yet powerful, portable 12v jump starters can also charge your mobile phone and other devices as well as having built-in LED flashlights. The Noco Genius Boost devices are safe too, there is no risk of connecting them wrong and getting dangerous sparks, the built-in safety circuitry ensures they only turn on when connected properly to the car battery.


  1. Small
  2. Lightweight
  3. Safe
  4. Jump starts dead batteries
  5. Will not discharge over time
  6. Easy to use
  7. Multi-function – Charges mobile devices

JGS4x4 has been selling the Noco Genius Boost range of portable 12v jump starter power packs for nearly 2 years, by far the best seller is the medium-sized GB40 that can supply 1000 Amps of cranking power, ideal for petrol-engined cars and small diesel-engined cars.

NOCO GB40 Genius Boost 12V Jump Starter Power Pack

The NOCO GB40 is available from JGS4x4

For most 4×4’s and diesel-engined vehicles including Land Rover’s, we would recommend the slightly larger GB70 that packs an almighty punch with it’s 2000 Amp power output. Enough to start just about any engine. We use a GB70 ourselves in the workshop and on the farm here at JGS4x4 and are amazed that it will start a big old 6 litre, Ford diesel tractor with a totally dead battery!

NOCO GB70 Genius Boost 12V Jump Starter Power Pack

The NOCO GB70 is available from JGS4x4

So don’t get caught out with a flat battery or even a dead phone again, keep a Noco Genius Boost jump starter in your car or 4×4.

Whichever model of Land Rover you own, whether it is a FreelanderDefenderDiscovery or Range Rover, JGS4x4 has a large range of parts and accessories for maintaining, servicing and personalising your Land Rover, available for worldwide delivery on the JGS4x4 website.

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