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Christmas Dangers For Dogs

A Romanian rescue dog near a christmas tree | JGS4X4 Land Rover Parts

A lot of us Land Rover owners probably own a dog or two. So here at JGS4X4 we thought we would write an article all about potential Christmas dangers to our dogs. Christmas is the time to be having fun,

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Do you have a faulty Air Suspension Height Sensor?

Here at JGS4X4, we strive to keep your Land Rover  “Off-Roading”  or on the road so to speak!  Off-Roading can take its toll on your suspension with its tough terrain, mud, and steep descents!  It could easily create a fault in your

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Land Rover Diagnostics, Fault Code Reading and Programming

Got a fault with your Land Rover but cannot work out what it is? JGS4X4 offers a full diagnostics and fault code reading service with our state of the IID Pro tool specifically for modern Land Rovers’. For less complicated

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Have you prepared your Land Rover for Winter?

Let’s face it we are all guilty of taking our vehicles for granted. We turn the key and expect them to work every time. In particular, at this time of the year, we need to make sure we are prepared

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Discovery 3 lack of power & poor mpg: What was the cause?

A local farmer came to the JGS4x4 workshop complaining that his Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 was experiencing a lack of power, poor mpg and he was finding the Discovery 3 was reluctant to start. We ran the diagnostic to find

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How important is it to Service your Land Rover

Let’s face it your Land Rover is one of your biggest investments so you need to make sure you look after it. One of the most essential tasks is to service your Land Rover regularly. If your Land Rover dashboard

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Restoration Mabel : Hole in the fuel tank!

With Mabel’s carburetta cleaned, rebuilt and back in place our next job was to look at the fuel tank.  This was not in great shape! The fuel tank had to be replaced as it was too far gone to repair. 

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Are you looking to buy a Range Rover P38? Is it a good buy?

As the Range Rover P38 celebrates 25 years we look whether a P38 would be a good buy in the secondhand market. If you were to buy a brand new Range Rover, it would set you back at least £80,000.

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Restoration Mabel: Carburettor rebuild

Work on our Land Rover Series 2a restoration project has begun, and one of our first jobs was to strip and rebuild the Carburettor.   A dirty carburettor can cause hesitation if there is too much air and not enough

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JGS4x4 restoration project – lets bring Mabel back to life!

Let me start today by referring you all to a post we wrote a while back “The reality of a restoration dream!”  The first line reads… We have all had the dream…to buy an old Land Rover that has been asleep in

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