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No matter what car you drive, whether it is a Land Rover, Ford, BMW or any other make or model, a 4×4 or sports car, the single most important safety feature of any car is the tyres!


Tyres – The most important safety feature of any car!

The only thing that connects your car to the driving surface, tarmac road or gravel track is an area of rubber roughly the size of your hand at each corner.

Therefore it is very, very important to check your tyres for damage, inflation and tread depth.

At least weekly and certainly before any long journeys, check your tyres, even if you simply check the tyre pressures are correct and at the same time give each tyre a visual inspection for any sidewall damage, bulges, cuts and the tread depth.


If you need to inflate your tyres, JGS4x4 stock a range of compressors including the excellent T-Max 12v portable compressors. These will quickly inflate your tyres to the correct pressure, being powered by your car’s 12v battery means you can do this anywhere.


T-Max Portable 12V Tyre Compressor

Always check the tyre pressures with an accurate tyre pressure gauge, remembering that the front and rear pressures are usually different and higher pressures are needed when carrying heavy loads or towing. Always refer to the car manufacturers handbook for the correct tyre pressures, there is often a sticker on one of the doors or the fuel flap stating the correct tyre pressures.

Underinflated tyres wear out quicker, use more fuel and negatively affect vehicle handling and can overheat and fail which is not only inconvenient but can be very dangerous!

If you do any kind of off-road driving, we recommend carrying a tubeless tyre repair kit. These consist of special tyre repair cords that can be inserted into the tyre, as soon as you find the puncture and even before the tyre has deflated. This can save the hassle of trying to change a wheel on a muddy track or worse.


Tubeless tyre repair kits make fixing a puncture easy, without removing the wheel!

When the time comes to replace your tyres, contact JGS4x4 who offer a range of standard 4×4, all-terrain¬†and mud pattern tyres as well as standard car tyres either delivered to your door or fully fitted at our Isham workshop.

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