Croatian Defender Restoration Project

A customer from Croatia has recently been ordering lots of Defender parts from JGS4X4. I was curious to find out if he was working on a restoration project.

Defender restoration

After a few emails flying back and forth, he told me the story behind his Defender restoration and I thought the story was worth sharing:-

It all began back in 2014 when there was a flood in Croatia. The Defender was owned by the Croatian Police and was sadly caught up in a flood and left to go to rack and ruin for more than a year!

The Defender was finally towed away to a police wreckage yard where piece by piece parts was taken from the dying Defender. During this time they took the turbocharger, starter motor, alternator, A/C compressor, radiator, door panels, dashboard, instrument cluster, ECU and lot’s more. Until basically there wasn’t much left of it!

The Defender was eventually sold by the Government in a used vehicle auction. The original guy who won it at auction discovered it was a task too much for him and he sold the wreck to the present owner. Luckily he is a real Land Rover enthusiast, and member of a Land Rover Club – Dalmacija 4×4 off road Club in Croatia.

This restoration could not have been easy

He told us “When the vehicle was robbed of all its parts they just cut wires with all the connectors and left a real mess to sort out! However, after hours of work, care and attention the Defender began to look like its former self”.

With the mechanical repairs done, the Defender passed its MOT inspection, and became road legal! Over time more faults have shown up and again have been fixed.

Now after many orders to JGS4X4 for parts it is 100% fixed. She had a new paint job and some additional off-road accessories so she is looking pretty good!

Luckily for this Defender owner, money was no object and it looks like it was worth every penny!

The owner said “Seems like owning a Defender is lifetime investment over here. They ARE so precious”.

I couldn’t agree with him more!

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2 comments on “Croatian Defender Restoration Project
  1. Andy Obridge says:

    I know the owner of this one and the guys who helped with the restoration. Members and friends of Dalmacija 4×4 Klub, all done in their yards and small workshops.
    James and JGS can blame me for the trouble and hundreds of emails for parts after I recommended you! You did not let me down and well lived up to the reputation that went before you!
    Thank you for your help with this project and keeping my Disco on the road over quite a few years, supplying parts to Croatia not only at a good price but excellent service as well.

    • janeh says:

      Hi Andy,

      Great to hear from you! Yes, it has been a long journey for you guys, but the end result is amazing and well worth all your time and effort! The Defender looks really good. JGS4X4 try our best to keep all our customers at home and overseas supplied with the parts they need to keep Land Rovers on the road!

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