Defender 110 Tomb Raider Suspension

The job of a Land Rovers suspension is to maximise the friction between the tires and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers while supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Land Rover have another key element in their DNA of being very capable off road as well as on. For whatever you use your vehicle for, or budget you have there is a spring and shock combination for you.

From standard to heavy duty or extreme travel to fully loaded and even lifted.

For my 2001 Land Rover Defender 110 LE Tomb Raider, I have decided comfort and reliability was most important. I don’t carry heavy loads so I decided to go for Old Man Emu springs, shocks and steering damper, while I am upgrading I will fit SuperPro polyurethane bushes to her as well.

Old Man Emu Springs are manufactured from state of the art micro-alloyed spring steel for superior strength and durability. Double heard wearing powder coating. Exceptional resistance to sagging and corrosion.

Old Man Emu Shocks have advanced dual-stack deflective disc technology that continuously adapts to the terrain, offering rapid response improvements to ride quality, handling and control.

SuperPro components are produced to the highest achievable tolerances for polyurethane. Design features such as bullet grooves, knurled and spiral bores and grease grooves ensure that the product performs at the highest standards without transmitting any excess noise, vibration and harshness. Used by Track cars to Dakar competitor vehicles and the JGS4x4 Tomcat has them fitted too.

When you’re choosing your springs for your vehicle you have three loads to choose from.

LIGHT LOAD – No additional equipment fitted.

MEDIUM LOAD – With some additional weight such as a roof rack and winch bumper.

HEAVY LOAD – With significant off road or expedition equipment such as a heavy winch and bumper, loaded roof rack, storage equipment and spare wheel carrier.

Correct selection of replacement shock absorbers is critical in maintaining or improving your Land Rovers suspension. Shocks provide stability when cornering and braking. Eliminate bounce and vibration improving driver and passenger comfort.

Extended shocks – Provide greater articulation to keep your vehicles tyres in contact with the ground below.

Remote Reservoir Shocks – The harder and faster you drive off road the more heat is generated in your shocks, the temperature increase and the speed at which the shocks are trying to operate causes aeration in the oil which leads to determination of the shock know as fade.

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One comment on “Defender 110 Tomb Raider Suspension
  1. Gerald H says:

    Cool, do you have any pictures of before and after? Has it lifted the Tomb Raider much?

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