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JGS4X4 have a few new Defender products that have been added to our online shop.

Late Defender diesel filters are prone to corrosion and leaks because of their vulnerable position. The diesel filter is placed under the rear wheel arch, and it’s quite common for its bracket to break off.  However don’t worry a DIY repair is straightforward and JGS4X4 now have it available to buy online.

Symptoms that your Fuel Filter housing needs replacing:

Poor starting
A clogged fuel filter may restrict the fuel system flow which will cause the Defender to experience hard starting

Long Fuel pump purge cycle
A severely dirty or clogged fuel filter can cause your Defender to experience misfires, a decrease in power and acceleration, and even stalling.

Noisy Fuel Pump

Diesel odour

Defender TD5 Diesel Fuel Filter Housing & Brackets

This replacement Defender TD5 Diesel Fuel Filter Housing and Brackets is suitable for models 2003 onwards, VIN: 3A658552. The housing also has an automatic air bleed valve and non return valve which are prone to go wrong causing starting and running problems.

JGS4X4 supply the complete filter assembly with bracket, filter and pipe connectors so all you have to do is order it and fit it.

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