Discovery 2 Performance Brake Upgrade Kit

If you regularly tow a large trailer or caravan with your Land Rover Discovery 2, or you like to drive fast, then you may have had the unfortunate situation where the brakes have not felt quite as reassuring as they should do! This is down to a phenomenon known as brake fade. Brakes are mechanical means of turning kinetic (moving) energy into heat energy by friction. The standard brakes are fine for normal use and normal driving but under extreme conditions they cannot dissipate the heat fast enough, this results in the braking efficiency fading.

One of our best selling products here at JGS4x4 is our Land Rover Discovery 2 Performance brake upgrade kit. The kit consists of drilled and grooved brake discs and EBC Ultimax brake pads, this fantastic combination improves the braking performance offering sharper and more efficient braking performance.

The drilled and grooved discs allow heat and gases to dissipate and keep the pad surfaces from glazing to keep the brakes working at their best.

Discovery 2 Performance Brake Kit

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