Discovery 2 TD5 Monster Remap

Anna’s Discovery 2 TD5 was feeling a bit sluggish at lower engine speeds.

Not any longer after having a Monster Tuning Remap at JGS4x4.the Discovery now has better low down torque and power, pulling away and accelerating stronger than before with the added bonus of being more economical than before.

The Discovery 2 now has better low down torque and power, pulling away and accelerating stronger than before with the added bonus of being more economical than before.

Discovery 2 TD5 Monster Tuning Remap

Interested in having a Monster Tuning Remap on your Land Rover? Email us at JGS4x4 or give us a call on 01536 647577 to find out more or book an appointment.

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11 comments on “Discovery 2 TD5 Monster Remap
  1. Luis says:

    I live en Paraguay, how could I get my discovery td5 2001 remap from
    Here, should i send my Ecu?

    • James says:

      Hi Luis

      Our remapping service is done by us plugging our equipment into the OBD diagnostics port of the vehicle, we need to have the vehicle at our premises.

      We can offer a mobile service, as long as we have a WiFi internet access we can do it. You are a bit too far away for us to travel, unfortunately!

      Regards JGS4x4

  2. Gerald Huntly says:

    You did my Range Rover Sport recently, wow it goes much better now and I am getting nearly 30mpg still not good but I was averaging 26mpg before so a good improvement.

    It just feels so much nicer to drive now.

  3. Kwame says:

    Is there a similar treatment for Year 2000 Disco 2 V8?

    • James says:

      Sorry we can only do 2001 and later Discovery 2 models.

      The advantages are not so good on non-turbo petrol models, not really worth doing to be honest.

      The greatest improvements are seen on turbo diesel engines.

      Regards JGS4x4 Monster Remap Team

  4. Leon Kedward-Jones says:

    What is the cost for you that do a disco td5?

    • James says:

      Hi Leon

      What year is your Discovery TD5?

      If it is a 2001 or later then we can do it for £210 instead of the usual £249 for a limited time.

      Regards JGS4x4 Monster Remap Team

  5. dave woolams says:

    hi dave here am proud owner of a 2000 model td5 on a W plate can it be an advantage to have a tune up / remap if so how much£ and how long will it take please regs Dave …

    • James says:

      Hi Dave

      Yes there are advantages to having a remap on any turbo diesel model. You will benefit from an increase in power but more beneficial is the increase in torque, especially at lower engine speeds. This makes the engine pull better from lower speeds, making it safer, more enjoyable and more economical to drive as you can use the higher gears at lower speeds without labouring the engine.

      Pre-2001 TD5 models have a non-reprogrammable chip in the ECU. They can only be remapped by removing the ECU and replacing the chip with a later programmable chip. Sorry, this is not something we do ourselves but we can get it done for you at a good price. It would mean leaving the car with us for 3-4 days.

      Alternatively, you can fit a ‘piggy-back’ tuning box, you can do this yourself as they simply plug in between the ecu and cars wiring loom. Results tend to not be so good with piggy-back boxes, though.

      If you wish to find out more, email us at or phone us on 01536 647577

      Regards JGS4x4 Monster Remap Team

  6. Dave Fleming says:

    How would I know if my Engine has been re mapped already, The wife Bought our Disco as it had no sunroof and was a nice colour.

    I have found that previous owner has done some work to it, Diff Guards , up-rated steering rack, EGR removed,

    So he may have had a re map done, is there a test you can perform before having soothing done thats not needed.

    • James says:

      Hi Dave, No there is no way of knowing until somebody tries to do a remap, if it has already been done then it will flag up during the procedure.

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