Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 Monster Tuning Remap + EGR Delete

We had a busy morning in the JGS4x4 Workshop on Saturday including 3 ATF gearbox flushes and a Monster Tuning Remap and EGR delete and blank.

This 55 plate Discovery 3 TDV6 HSE came in for a gearbox flush, whilst chatting to the owner he mentioned it felt a bit sluggish so we ran a diagnostics check and found one of the EGR valves to be faulty, quite a common problem on the Discovery 3 TDV6’s. One or both of the EGR valves stops working or gets carbonised so much that it is no longer able to operate or close properly. This can rob the engine of power and cause starting problems, particularly when cold. A new EGR valve is around £250 plus fitting so we suggested fitting an EGR blanking kit rather than replacing the complete valve as it is more cost effective and offers a permanent solution.

So we carried out the ATF flush and not surprisingly with 117,000 miles on the clock, the old fluid was very black and burnt smelling. During the ATF flush, the owner was able to watch what we were doing we had a chat about the EGR valves, explaining what they do and why there are fitted and the advantage of blanking them off. We also spoke about remaps and the advantages of having an increase in power and torque. We explained with a Monster Tuning Remap not only can we tune the engine but we can also delete the EGR valves via the software to prevent them operating or causing the engine management light to come on. So it was agreed mechanically blanking the EGR valves and a Monster Tuning Remap and EGR delete were the next jobs.

The Monster Tuning Remap was carried out using our Panasonic Toughbook with Alientech interface, this is a relatively easy and straightforward job unlike mechanically blanking the EGR’s which is quite fiddly and results in skinned knuckles! Best done with a few cups of tea to keep calm!

All in, a very satisfying job knowing that the gearbox will now give many more miles of trouble-free motoring, the EGR valves will never be the cause of any problems and the increase in power from 190 to 228bhp and torque from 440 to a massive 524NM, will make the Discovery nicer to drive and more economical.

If you fancy booking your car in for a remap, get in touch or give us a call on 01536 647577 to see what we can do.

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11 comments on “Discovery 3 2.7 TDV6 Monster Tuning Remap + EGR Delete
  1. michael monahan says:

    what price for a gear box flush and an egr delete and engine remap for a discovery 3 2008
    regards michael

  2. Barry Williams says:

    Please can you quote me for a Disco 3 remap plus software egr delete

    Can you do it while I wait.



    • janeh says:

      Hi Barry, The remap and egr delete is a while you wait service. Please click here for more information. Feel free to give us a call and we can go through the pricing of both services together. Many thanks.

  3. Lee says:

    I have a 2007 discovery 3 and was told I’d need the software update as just can’t blank the egr like in the older models , is this correct
    So how much would it be to blank egr and software update and remap plus fita de-cat pipe and centre silencer pipe I have

    • James says:

      Yes, on 2006 and newer models, if the EGR valves are blanked, it will cause the engine management light to come on. They do not go into limp mode as such but they do know when it has been blanked. We can fit the blanking plates and a remap at the same time, contact us at for more information and prices.

  4. daniel kim says:

    can you only egr delet program?
    disco 3 2009years

    • James says:

      Hi Daniel

      Yes, it is possible to just do an EGR delete program but it is the same procedure and cost as a remap, so we normally do a remap and EGR delete.

  5. Stephen Taylor says:

    2005 disco 3 monster remap & egr valve blankoff plus auto box flush etc ..

  6. Glen says:

    Have L322 and about to get a Discovery 3……if I go for a remap and EGR blank..can I still get an MOT on both .Thanks

    • James says:

      Normal remapping does not affect the MOT, it is possible for a bad remap to cause excess smoke which is basically too much fuel which is unburnt fuel, so always go with a reputable remapping service who will check the engine is healthy and has no problems before the remap is carried out.

      The UK MOT rules changed a few years ago and any car that has had its emissions system altered or tampered with is an MOT failure, so it is up to you the owner to do the research and make a decision.

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