Discovery 3 ATF Automatic Gearbox Flush

We had a local farmer’s 2007 Discovery 3 in today for an ATF Automatic Gearbox Fluid flush. The owner explained that the gear changes were not as smooth as they used to be and there was a noticeable judder at certain speeds.

A quick test drive showed that there was a noticeable bang between 2nd and 3rd and 3rd and 4th when accelerating. On gentle acceleration  up a hill there was more of a shudder through the whole car rather than a little juddering. The Discovery had 137,000 miles on the clock so it was obvious the gearbox fluid would be well worn and well overdue a change.

First of all we checked for any faults with our diagnostic code reader, surprisingly for this age of car there were very few faults apart from the usual EGR related faults which are very common.

Next we put drive the car onto our 4 post lift and connect our special Fortron transmission flushing machine up to the car’s gearbox cooler pipes, we add a flushing additive that removes gums and varnishes from the internal parts of the gearbox valves, gears and internals. Whilst the cleaning chemical is circulating we cycle through each gear for a few seconds, we repeat this several times to make sure every part of the gearbox is operated.

The 6 speed gearboxes hold approx 9.5 litres of gearbox fluid, we set the machine to exchange 11 litres to make sure a thorough flush of the old, worn out, contaminated fluid is achieved. As the old fluid is drained, the exact same amount of new fluid is replaced, giving a true 1:1 exchange rate and 100% of the old fluid is removed.

Finally we lift the car up with the engine still running to check the gearbox level is correct. This has to be done with our diagnostics computer attached to ensure the fluid temperature is between the correct parameters. Before disconnecting the diagnostic computer we reset the gearbox adaptations, this basically resets the gearbox so that it re-learns the characteristics of the engine and your driving style.

Another test drive and the difference was remarkable, smooth silky gear changes, no banks or clunks and not a hint of any shuddering or hesitation. You can see the difference in the fluid in the photo, the old fluid was very dark and smelt burnt.

If you have a Discovery 3 or 4 or Range Rover Sport with the 6 speed automatic gearbox, get it booked in now for a flush service. Even if you have no symptoms or problems it may prevent a very costly bill in the future.

Give us a call or contact us to make an appointment.

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3 comments on “Discovery 3 ATF Automatic Gearbox Flush
  1. Helena Higgins says:

    We had our Discovery 3 flushed by you 2 months ago, you did a fantastic job, the car is still driving like new even though 2 local garages told us we needed a new gearbox.

    It was particularly refreshing that you let us watch and actually showed us what you were doing. Showing us the old, black oil compared to the new oil was great, we could see with our own eyes how worn out and burnt the old fluid was.

    P.S. Thanks for the tea and coffee, very nice after the 3 hour drive to you, but well worth it.

  2. Paul Whitman says:

    I would like to know where you are based please.

    The problem above that you rectified on that Discovery is exactly what my Disco is going through at the moment, exactly, but it brings up F on the dash with Special Permissions not available, but the problem is the fact it jumps between the gears and is not s smooth as it was.
    Can you do the same for my Disco and what price would it be? Mine has had a replacement engine at 130000 and it is now 160000 ish, also had several recalls from Landrover, for various large items, one being a tow bar.

    • James says:

      These are very complex vehicles, it is impossible to diagnose faults without having the fault codes properly read. It is possible that a gearbox flush could fix the hunting between gears but if it has got to the stage where it is causing a fault to be displayed on the dashboard, it may be more serious than just worn out fluid. A gearbox mega flush changes the worn out fluid and cures most problems caused by worn-out fluid but cannot fix mechanical or electrical faults. The best thing to do is to get the fault codes read and diagnosed.

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