Discovery 3: Fully deflated air suspension!

Here in the JGS4x4 workshop, we have had some interesting problems to resolve recently! A Discovery 3 owner came to us with a fully deflated air suspension which was riding very uncomfortably on the bump stops.

After a quick diagnostics, the system checkpointed that the air compressor was at fault. Further investigation found it was a fairly new AMK type clone air suspension compressor which could not have been more than 2-3 months old at the most. Clearing the faults and restarting the car would normally see a compressor try and start but it was totally dead!AMK Air suspension compressor

Further investigation was required.

On further inspection, we found that the main 60 Amp fuse was blown. We removed the compressor and tried it on the bench and connected it to our test rig. The compressor sounded like a rattly bucket of nails so something was clearly not right inside. We replaced the ‘not so old rattly’ compressor with a new genuine AMK air suspension compressor.

AMK Genuine Air Suspension Compressor >

After checking the software in the Land Rover Discovery 3 we found the system was still running the old Hitachi type software. Whilst this will still allow the AMK type compressor to run, the life of the AMK pump will be greatly reduced, so we updated the software to AMK and replaced the fuse.

We started up the Discovery 3 and the suspension worked and rose up to normal height, although the front was much lower than it should be. We ran an air suspension calibration routine to make sure the correct ride heights were programmed in for each corner – problem solved!

Soon our customer was on his way again with the nice comfortable air suspension instead of riding on the bump stops.

If you are experiencing a bumpy ride in your Land Rover why not get JGS4x4 to take a look? 

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