Discovery 3: Gearbox Flush

gearbox flush isn’t something that usually comes to mind as part of regular servicing and maintenance. As a Land Rover owner you probably usually think of; an engine oil change, new tyres, wiper blade, etc.

So why wouldn’t you service your gearbox?

Your Land Rover’s engine needs an engine oil change, so your transmission needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly too.  As with any hard-working fluid, the gearbox fluid does wear out and degrade.

We usually recommend a Gearbox Flush around 75,000 miles as a preventative measure. Although this Discovery 3 wasn’t experiencing any real problems as expected the fluid was brown and worn out.

We added some Dr. Tranny Shudder Fix which is a friction modifier formulated specifically for INSTANTLY eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder.

This Discovery 3 is now running much smoother thanks to a Gearbox Flush

Don’t wait for problems to arise! Check your Land Rover in for a gearbox flush

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