Discovery 3 – Not so good vibrations!

We were delighted to receive this recent message from another one of our happy customers, John who came to us in the summer for a gearbox flush thinking that was the cause of the car’s vibrations. But we soon found what the problem was and a few others too!

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I had recently purchased my Land Rover Discovery 3 from a used car dealership. After only owning the vehicle for less than a week I noticed that there was a problem with the transmission, it juddered when changing gear and I noticed a vibration when cruising at motorway speeds.

I was worried to even drive the car. I contacted the garage that I had originally purchased the vehicle from and they said that they would take a look at it but they were a 3-hour drive away and they couldn’t look at it for a week. I was worried to drive the vehicle that far.

After doing some research I found JGS4X4 who were very highly rated and regarded on many forums and internet sites. I phoned JGS4X4 and they were very helpful and explained to me what they thought it was and booked me in the very next day.

I managed to get my Discovery to them and they took it straight into the workshop and onto the ramp and found a problem immediately. The rear prop shaft center bearing had failed, the rubber was completely disintegrated causing the rear prop shaft to not run straight and true, causing the vibrations. James explained that this was a surprisingly common problem and that they sell lots of the rear prop shaft through their on-line webshop. A new rear prop shaft was quickly and conveniently fitted.

Next, an automatic gearbox mega flush was carried out. The owner, James who was doing the work even explained to me how it worked and showed me a sample of the old oil that was removed which was very dirty.

James also noticed that my air suspension compressor seemed to be running for too long. He discovered that the air suspension pump had recently been upgraded to the latest AMK compressor by the garage I purchased the vehicle from and the suspension software hadn’t been updated to match the new pump. So I had this problem sorted also whilst my vehicle was in their care using their IID Diagnostic Tool to re-program it.

When I drove my Discovery home it drove like a completely different car, the vibration had gone, the gear changes were a lot smoother and the car felt more responsive.

I can’t thank James and all at JGS4X4 enough for their knowledge of Land Rovers and for how quickly they got me back on the road. I even sent the bill to the garage I originally purchased the car from which they paid!

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  1. Paddy Pass says:

    I’ve bought a 2007 Discovery 3 HSE last week and I’m getting the same problem with the vibration. How much is it for the prop shaft and work to be done as I think this may fix the issue?

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