Discovery 4: Gearbox fluid flush

JGS4x4 are seeing more and more 8 Speed Discovery 4’s come to us for a gearbox fluid mega flush.Discovery 4 gearbox fluid flush at JGS4X4

If your Land Rover feels like its juddering, and hunting between gears or over-revving your auto box could benefit from an ATF mega flush and fluid change.

Does your Land Rover need a gearbox flush >

One of our experienced technicians will perform a full gearbox flush using the most advanced Fortron ATF technology. He will run a flushing detergent through the gearbox and exchange 100% of the total oil capacity! JGS4X4 use a flush additive to remove varnish and clean internal components. The old fluid is then removed and replaced simultaneously with ZX-6HP specification fluid.

We also add a conditioner to the new ATF fluid which helps to maintain the fluid, gearbox, and seals in good condition.

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