Do you have a faulty Air Suspension Height Sensor?

Here at JGS4X4, we strive to keep your Land Rover  “Off-Roading”  or on the road so to speak! 

Off-Roading can take its toll on your suspension with its tough terrain, mud, and steep descents!  It could easily create a fault in your suspension system.  Ride Height Sensors > can often be the cause.

Have you experienced the air suspension and hill descent control becoming inactive?

This could be due to the failure of the Ride Height Sensors >.

A failed vehicle height sensor can cause the deactivation of the air suspension. These are small matchbox size boxes with a lever arm. They are attached to the chassis rail on each side at the front of the rear wheel arches and have a link bar that attaches to the rear arm to the axle and an electrical connection.

The effectiveness of your air suspension relies on the system knowing what all corners are doing at all times. Often faults can come up due to faulty or broken sensors. These also come with the link that can often fail between the sensor arm and vehicle suspension.



This Rear Air Suspension Ride Height Sensor > fits on either side (left or right).

Suitable for:
Land Rover: Discovery 2 all models, 1998-2004
Land Rover: Range Rover L322, 2002-2004




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2 comments on “Do you have a faulty Air Suspension Height Sensor?
  1. Si Relph says:

    Hi, I have just changed my L322 rear ride height sensors for new ones and have “right rear height sensor malfunction”. The system worked fine before the change, apart from the centre of the bolt arms had corroded. I have swapped the new sensors to their opposites and the “malfunction” remained on the right side. All parts that move do so freely and all the bolts and nuts are all nice and snug, not overtightened. The electrical connectors both seem snug and clicked in correctly.
    The right side remains higher than the left, any ideas?

    • James says:

      Are you sure you have ordered and fitted the correct sensors? There are several different height sensors for the rear sensors on the L322, you need to make sure you order the correct sensor according to your model, year and spec

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