Does your Land Rover suffer from a lack of power and poor fuel economy?

If your Land Rover is feeling a bit more sluggish than it used to it may benefit from an injector max service.

An injector max service will not only maximise fuel economy and increase performance it will also reduce emissions. That’s 4 great improvements to your Land Rover in one serviceImprove mpg and reduce emissions with an injector max service

What is an Injector Max Service?>

Almost all modern engines use a fuel injection system to deliver fuel directly to the engine combustion chamber; this allows for improved engine efficiency which results in fewer pollutants and better fuel economy.

Due to the location of the fuel injectors on today’s modern engines, fuel injectors get heat soak when the engine is turned off. The engine heat causes fuel evaporation at the fuel injectors, resulting in gum, varnish and tar deposits accumulating around and on the fuel injector nozzles. This together with carbon accumulation from poor quality carbon-based fuels will cause imperfections in the fuel injector spray pattern, and in some cases result in a fuel injector blockage.

An Injector Max service will remove all deposits from the fuel rail through to fuel injectors without damaging the engine, fuel pump, and fuel lines. Regular services of the fuel rail and fuel injector system will ensure engine efficiency and reliability.

Prevention rather than cure

Ideally, we recommend a fuel injection system clean every 12,000 miles or 1 year depending on driving conditions.

How will an injector max service improve my Land Rover? >

Don’t delay book today and start reaping the benefits of an injector max service!

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