Essential winter checks on your Land Rover

Now the clocks have gone back, and the nights are drawing in we want to share our top tips for keeping your Land Rover in top condition through the winter months.

Check your battery

The cold and damp weather can put strain on your Land Rover’s battery. To reduce the possibility of your car battery failing we recommend using a trickle charger. We also highly recommend keeping a portable battery booster in your Land Rover – an invaluable piece of kit for jump-starting a dead battery without the hassle of using the power source from another cars charged battery.

Check your tyres

Ensure each tyre on your Land Rover has sufficient tread depth (the minimum legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm). Look for signs of cracking, bulging, cuts and tears to the tyre walls. Any visible damage can be an indication that you need to change your Land Rover’s tyres. Check your tyre pressures (including the spare tyre) are inflated to the recommended levels outlined in your Land Rover handbook. We stock a selection of portable tyre inflators that will re-inflate 4 large 4×4 tyres in minutes – ideal to keep onboard for those longer journeys. 

Check your fluid levels

At this time of year be extra vigilant when checking your Land Rover’s fluid levels. We suggest checking all your fluid levels including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, gearbox fluid and screen wash are all at the recommended levels before every journey. Depending on the model it is recommended that the coolant is changed every 2 years. It is important that the coolant is the correct strength to prevent it freezing and causing permanent damage to your engine.

Check your wipers

It’s vital to check the condition of your Land Rover’s wipers before any journey – even more so as the seasons change. Wiper arms are likely to perish over time and the wiper blades can perish and split and will require replacing.

Check your exterior lights

During the winter months, the salt and dirt can quickly build-up on your Land Rover’s external lights. As we tend to have our lights on during the day and night at this time of year, we recommend regularly cleaning the lights and carrying extra bulbs in case one fails.

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