Farmers Workhorse Discovery 3 TDV6 Gearbox Flush

Vehicle:  Farmers Workhorse Discovery 3

Problem: Shuddering

Mileage: 109,000 miles

This Discovery 3 has been used for heavy towing all it’s life, in fact it arrived with us with a very large tri-axle trailer in tow!

A proper farmers workhorse, used for transporting all sorts of heavy farm machinery around the countryside between farms. The owner had noticed some shuddering between 45-55mph but went away when he switch to sports mode, a classic sign of torque converter judder.

A friend recommended he brought his Discovery 3 to us here at JGS4X4 for a Gear Box Fluid Flush before the problem got too bad.

Surprisingly for a vehicle that has worked hard, the fluid was not as black and burnt as we were expecting. The owner chose to have Dr Tranny Shudder Fix added to the new fluid during the flush process.


Adding Dr Tranny Shudder Fix is both a prevenative measure, and can prolong the life of a worn torque converter enabling several tens of thousands of extra miles before a rebuild may be required.

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