Fed-up of not being able to see through your Defender windscreen in the rain?

Safety is always at the forefront of our minds here at JGS4X4. Windscreen wipers don’t get the respect they deserve, it is estimated that in a single year a set of wiper blades will make more than one million wipes! They remove rain, snow, ice and dirt from your screen and often have to endure extreme temperatures from sub zero to scorching hot temperatures! They are one of the hardest working, yet least durable parts of your Defender!

For this reason it is recommended that drivers replace their wiper blades annually. With the dark winter mornings and evenings and often hazardous driving conditions to contend with, it is important your Defender windscreen wipers are working effectively. When driving in wet or snowy conditions it is really important that the windscreen is clearing properly! A windscreen with excess water on can add several feet to your stopping distance!

Windscreen wipers get worn out and start to show wear and tear due to the friction of the wiper on the windscreen. The wiper will start to smear and not clear the windscreen effectively. When you start to hear a juddering sound on the window and the wipers start to screech across the screen your windscreen wipers are well overdue being replaced.

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It is a job that should only take around 10-15 mins but can save lives!

After doing some research we found the Bosch Aero Wiper Blades were some of the best Defender windscreen wipers you can get on the market and very competitively priced compared to other more expensive brands. We recently added these Land Rover Defender Windscreen Bosch Aero Wiper Blades to the JGS4X4 online shop

The Bosch Aero Twin Maximum performance flat wiper blades are suitable for ALL Defender models with the hook type wiper fitting right through to the very last 2016 Defender models. They incorporate power protection plus – an innovative wiper rubber technology with a patented coating for noise-free wiping. Unique beam technology for a uniform wipe.

Check your Defender wiper blades today and Click Here  to order your set of Bosch Aero Twin Maximum performance flat wiper blades!

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