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It was nice to see Adrian and some of the other Fenlanders 4×4 members drop in this morning as they were on their way to a bank holiday weekend of camping and activities for spare parts and supplies.

Fenlanders 4×4 was set up by Land Rover owners (but is actually open to anyone) and is aimed at people who would like to join them off roading or greenlaning, as well as many a social gathering, Shiny days, and the London to Brighton Run.

For the Landy owners, they also like to attend shows such as Ripley, Billing and Peterborough, where they enjoy all things Landy and the social side of a weekend away.

Their aim is to try and involve club members in activities, have fun, show off their vehicles and share knowledge and experience with each other.

You can join Fenlanders 4×4 easily by finding them on Facebook under Fenlanders 4×4 and requesting to join.

I personally joined the group a while back and met up with them at a couple of shows as well as talking to members over the phone while ordering their parts. They’re an extremely friendly bunch of people who make everyone feel very welcome. Find them at the next Land Rover show you go to by checking out their Facebook group page.

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2 comments on “Fenlanders 4×4 Supplies
  1. Andy Hodge says:

    What a lovely setting, looks like a great camping field in the background, is that where you stayed?

    • James says:

      The field is outside JGS4x4, we are fortunate to be located on an old farm out in the country. Lovely most of the time but it can catch the wind and rough weather at times!

      We have hosted camping events in the field, join our mailing list to be kept informed if we do it again.

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