Flexible Solar Panel 12v 20W Motorhome Caravan Battery Charger

Here at JGS we have the perfect power source for your caravans, motorhomes, boats or expedition trailers. With the Flexible Solar Panel 12v 20W Motorhome Caravan Battery Charger, it is just what you need for a weekend away in your portable home. The semi-flexibility on this powerful, slim and very tough wearing Solar Panel is a great investment if you love little getaways. This product suits many different motorhomes, the solar panel is easily mountable from being used on slightly curved roofs to being durable enough to be walked over on the deck of a boat.

This particular Solar Panel comes with a twin battery 10Ah charge controller, therefore being the perfect Solar Panel for twin battery setups such as motorhomes and expedition vehicles that have a main starter battery and a deep cycle leisure battery. The solar panel can be connected to up to 2 x 12v batteries and ensuring they are both kept fully charged.

Key Features

  • Hard wearing ETFE top surface is resistant to climatic conditions and ‘self-healing’ from the effects of minor scratches
  • Encapsulated solar cell circuit is completely waterproof
  • Easy to fit – either bond directly to surface or fix with screws via pre-drilled holes
  • Saltwater Spray Testing Standard – protects against delamination
  • 5-year warranty and 20-year cell performance warranty
  • Typical daily performance of the solar panel in peak conditions is 1.1 Amps per hour or up to 7.77 amp-hours per day
  • Two-year worldwide warranty

Please note the solar panel can only be curved from to to bottom by up to 10%, it cannot be curved from side to side.




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