Freelander 1: TD4 Engine Modified Crankcase Breather & Turbo Vent Filter

The engine crankcase breathers on Freelander 1 TD4 engines are notorious for getting blocked and clogging, causing the engine to breathe heavy. If left this can cause further, more serious problems to the engine and eventually lead to turbo failure! The standard foam filter must be changed at every service.

Fit N Forget

Solve this once and for all with a modified ‘fit N forget’ engine crankcase breather. Once fitted it never has to be changed again! Unlike the original. Comes complete with new replacement turbo vent filter.

The standard blue foam crankcase breather filter often gets neglected during servicing.  If left to get blocked it can cause smoking problems and eventually lead to turbo failure and engine damage.

Get a modified ‘fit and forget’ engine crankcase breather from JGS4x4 and never change it again >

It’s a no brainer!

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