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It’s that time of year again when most of the greenlanes that have been closed over the winter are opened again for use.
Driving greenlanes is a great way to enjoy the countryside and you don’t need a heavily modified Land Rover to drive most greenlanes. Lots of greenalnes are being permanently closed to all vehicles, this is partly down to abuse by a handful of drivers who have wrecked some lanes using them as play sites.
Customers ask us what tyres, suspension mods and lift kits we would recommend for going greenlaning. To be honest you should be OK in a standard road going Land Rover to drive most greenlanes. The only exception would be tyres, a set of All Terrain tyres would be a good idea but there should be no need for aggressive mud tyres and winches. If the ground conditions are so bad that you need a heavily modified Land Rover then the lanes should not be driven as the surface will be damaged.
⦁    Always drive slowly.
⦁    Give way to other users, walkers, horse and bike riders.
⦁    If you meet somebody on a horse, pull over, stop and switch off your engine until they pass.
⦁    Never go alone, always go with a friend in another vehicle.
⦁    Take sufficient recovery gear in case you do get stuck.
⦁    If you need to clear branches, only move the minimum to get through.
⦁    Don’t use greenlanes for off road practice and winching, there are pay and play sites for that.
⦁    Avoid damaging the surface, if it is wet and boggy, don’t drive the lane.
⦁    Always check the lane is a legal right of way, check with council if necessary.


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