Guide to driving off-road – Part 1

It finally looks like summer is here! Why not make the most of the extra daylight and go off-roading in the evenings and weekends? JGS4x4 will be making the most of their free time with some off-roading in the coming months exploring what the UK has to offer.  JGS4X4 have put together some useful tips on 4×4 off-road driving to help get you started.


The main beauty of 4×4’s is they can take you where most other vehicles can’t! Get ready to experience an adrenaline-filled adventure on all types of terrain. However, firstly we are going to look at the basics to get you started and how to get prepared before you head off on your first trip.

The ‘must have’ list of essentials:

Basic off-road driving tips & techniques

Understanding the basics:

  • When driving through rough terrain, drive smoothly.
  • Ensure steering is precise.
  • Keep braking to a minimum – as odd as that may sound, it’s the truth when off-roading.
  • When applying the throttle, apply it gently and release it slowly. This will avoid spinning your tyres.
  • Ensure you are always in control of your 4×4.

Rules for selecting the right gear

Sand – 3rd, 4th or 5th gear is often best on sandy tracks in low range.

Rocky Terrain – Low range 1st gear is often best when off-roading on rocky terrain.

Soft Terrain – When off-roading on soft terrain, low range 2nd or 3rd gear is best.

Climbing Obstacles
– When climbing obstacles such as slopes, use the highest practical gear.

Descending Obstacles – When descending obstacles such as slopes, it’s often best to use low range 1st gear.

Icy Terrain
– When driving on icy terrains such as snow and ice, use the highest gear possible.

– When you’re wading, use low range 2nd gear for best results.

Hopefully, this will get you excited about utilizing your 4X4 to its full this summer.  Start getting the basics together and next time we will talk about the types of terrain you may encounter and how to drive them.

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