Have you prepared your Land Rover for Winter?

Let’s face it we are all guilty of taking our vehicles for granted. We turn the key and expect them to work every time. In particular, at this time of the year, we need to make sure we are prepared for every eventuality.  Ask yourself this question….Have I prepared for the journey ahead?

For those in doubt, JGS4X4 have put together a winter checklist, let’s call it your ‘Emergency Kit’.  Keep these winter essentials in your vehicle this winter and you will be equipped for most eventualities…

Land Rover Emergency Kit

Ice Scraper
Make sure you clear all windows and remove all snow from the vehicle before driving – Ice Scraper >

Working torch
Check you have a torch and the batteries in the torch work before you set off – Sealey Aluminium Torch >

You never know when you will have to dig someone out of trouble who hasn’t got a Land Rover!

First Aid Kit
Always carry a first aid kit especially if you do a lot of – First Aid Kit >

Warm Clothes and a Blanket
Just in case you get stranded in your Land Rover for a long period of time.  Obviously, you will only be stuck as someone further down the road is NOT in a Land Rover

No one carries a map these days but when the SAT Nav fails and the road is blocked, it is always good to carry a map book to see where you are and how to proceed.

Low sun in the Autumn can be a nightmare to drive in. The glare from the snow can also be bright and cause limited vision too.

Mobile phone and charger
No one really leaves home without a phone these days!  However, the charge gets zapped pretty quick, especially on a very popular well-known brand! So always take a charger – be prepared. Noco portable charger and jump starter >

Enough fuel for the journey plus extra
This is obvious, however, you would be surprised how many people still run out of fuel these days!

Winter causes havoc on certain parts of the vehicle, so always keep a check on things. Here are some key things to look out for:

Batteries – Cold, damp weather can play havoc on batteries as vehicle electrical systems have to work a lot harder at this time of year and starter motors require all the current they can get to start the engine on these cold mornings.  Keep a portable jump starter in your Land Rover.

Coolant – It’s a sign your water pump is frozen if you hear a continuous squealing noise as soon as the engine starts. The fan belt will be slipping on the pulley. The cylinder block could be frozen too. Stop the engine immediately and allow it to thaw out.

Tyres  –  Check the tread on your tyres regularly.  Good tread will keep you safer on mud, snow and icy roads, this is literally a life saver!

Screenwash – Keep a check on your screen wash as you will use more than normal keeping the windscreen clear from spray from other motorists and gritted roads – Carplan concentrated screenwash >

Windscreen wiper blades  – They don’t last forever and are essential for clear visibility.  Rubber perishes in the summer sun, road grime and airborne abrasives won’t help!

Keep safe this winter and drive carefully! Have you prepared your Land Rover for winter?

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