High Mileage Discovery 3 Gearbox Fluid Flush

Vehicle: Discovery 3 TDV6, 186,00 miles

Problem: Slight Juddering and Shaking when accelerating

This customer was unsure whether to sell his high mileage Discovery 3 or spend yet more money on it! He had spent over £4,000 on repairs over the last 2 years!  These included suspension wishbones, brakes, suspension compressor and a EGR delete.  Overall the Discovery 3 was in good condition, so worth keeping.

I explained the juddering and shaking when accelerating can be cured by having a Gearbox Fluid Flush.  The hardworking oil in these gearboxes can get hot and generally worn out. Common signs are torque converter judder, slow and erratic gear changes and what feels like a clutch slip as the engine revs but the speed does not increase.  He decided as a last result to have a Gearbox Fluid Flush! Interestingly, the old fluid as VERY black and burnt.

✓ Cleans and flushes the internal gearbox components.
✓ Flushes out debris and contaminants
✓ Removes over 99% of old, worn out fluid
✓ Replaces exactly the same volume of new fluid
✓ The correct ZF-6HP fluid is used
✓ Eliminates common gearbox problems
✓ Preventative measure for healthy gearboxes

The owner drove away optimistic after seeing the old burnt fluid that came out his gearbox! Later he reported back that the car felt much smoother and there was no more juddering or shaking!

Yet another happy customer! Happy days…

Contact JGS4X4 and book your Land Rover in for a Gearbox Fluid Flush – By performing simple gearbox maintenance on your Land Rover it will last longer and ultimately save you money!

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