International Working Women’s Day

By Anna Griffiths

It is on the 8th March every year, that we celebrate International Working Women’s day. It commemorates the struggle for Women’s rights. So, what has this got to do with the off-roading world I hear you say. Well as many of you know, the off-roading community is mainly dominated by the males of the world, it is more seen as a man’s hobby than a lady’s.

Well, I am writing this to prove you don’t need to be a man to enjoy the hobby. I as a woman enjoy taking the Land Rover out and enjoy getting it muddy and pushing myself and the vehicle to see what we can do.
I have found when I have asked for help in forums, that being a woman you tend to get the usual sexist remarks and ‘get a man to do it’, where actually, no, I want to learn to do it and therefore why I have asked in the first place. I have found a fantastic group called Landy Ladies on Facebook, where I can ask for help, advice and share photos of my adventures on there and know I will not be judged.

I first got into off-roading in my early teens, then stumbled across Northants 4×4 club, where I was lucky enough to be taken out of different people’s cars and learn new skills. Sadly, for the club, I became a member and now I am a response team volunteer. Being an active response team volunteer means helping the community around us, whether it be floods, bad snow etc. to help people still get on with their day to day life e.g. helping take nurses to their work when their car could not make it because of the weather. We have also helped with training days where we got to be part of the fake plane crash at Tresham college, where we would find injured people and transfer them to help. It was great on that training day to see so many women active in the response team work across the board.
Some would say the club has never been the same since I joined, not sure why as I am the quietest member there and I’m not entirely sure why I get called the Liability…..!! Either way, the club has supported me over the years and helped me so much with my Land Rover Discovery 2 and I have found a second family.

So back to the point of International Working Women’s day, obviously, I work at JGS4x4 and we specialise in Land Rover Parts and Accessories and again this is not a typical ladies job seen in some people’s eyes because it is working with car parts. Having worked here for over two years now my knowledge has expanded with the products we sell and the services we provide. James has always tried his hardest to teach me along the way with what car parts do what. Even though in Steve’s eyes I should be in the kitchen making him sandwiches!

At JGS4x4 we are supporting Sealey Tools with selling the limited-edition Breast Cancer pink tools range. At least having pink tools, it will stop the men stealing them!

Just because you are a woman, does not mean you cannot enjoy getting a truck and going off-roading, being a mechanic, work with car parts or even a car sales women, so get involved today!!!

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