Is the Bushranger X Jack an off-roaders best friend?

Most Jacks tend to be heavy, cumbersome, made of metal and often unstable when used in your normal off-roading rescue conditions.  They also do not pack very easily. The award-winning Bushranger X-Jack is an exhaust inflated airbag that will do the same job, only a little differently.

This versatile jack can lift heavy loads and get them high in the air. Due to the X-Jacks inflatable nature, it goes anywhere, collapsing flat for easy storage into a heavy duty storage bag. The X Jack assists lifting vehicle in a diverse range of situations or conditions such as sand, mud, snow or soft ground.

bushranger X Jack 2 tonne exhaust Jack


The kit comes with a durable carry bag, the X-Jack itself, a protective mat to place between the vehicle and the X-Jack for additional puncture resistance, the main air hose, an extension hose, a pair of work gloves, a patch kit and laminated instructions.

How durable is the X Jack?

The X-Jack is made from thick rubber with a triple layer reinforced lifting surface. The bottom is covered in plastic spikes to ensure the jack holds firm to the ground.

Will the exhaust not melt the hose and does the exhaust actually push air out with enough force to actually lift a heavy 4WD?

The hose features a silicone cone for placing over the exhaust tip and is rated to handle temperatures up to 140°C. A Schrader valve is included that allows the jack to be inflated by an air compressor and also allows for accurate changes in lift and the safe evacuation of air.

You can actually lift a heavy 4WD with merely your exhaust pressure thanks to witchcraft… I mean physics! Between five and ten psi is all that is needed to achieve the X-Jack’s 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) rating.

So, Are they rugged enough for an off-roader?

Due to the X-Jack’s size, the footprint on the ground is quite large, meaning that they don’t sink very far into the snow, sand or mud once loaded with weight. So no need to carry extra plywood around. Likewise, the surface area that is pushing on the bottom of the vehicle is spread over a wide area, which protects against damage and will mold to the shape of the underbody – pretty cool ah?

You can literally throw the X-Jack anywhere under your 4WD, however, you need to be mindful that you don’t push up on the hot exhaust system or delicate parts such as fuel lines or a wiring harness. Just remember to look up at what you are going to put the weight of the vehicle on.

The X-Jack is a fantastic addition to anyone’s recovery kit.

Bushranger X-Jack Demo:

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