Is the Classic Land Rover ‘barn find’ a thing of the past!

The Classic Land Rover has been around for decades and it would be very sad to imagine a world without them. The Land Rover Series and  Defenders are a beauty to behold – the heart of Land Rover itself! In the past you would come across a ‘Classic barn find’ quite easily but times are changing and they are becoming harder and harder to come across.

The figures speak for themselves

In 1994 there were 5,371 Land Rover 110s knocking about (including 4 cyl, County Diesel Turbo, Hi-Cap Diesel and Petrol, SW, V8 County, Hicap, SW). As of January 11th, 2018, only 1,274 remain. So in 24 years over 4,000 110’s have disappeared.

So why are the numbers dropping?

The demand from the collectors and restorers is still alive and vibrant. There is always someone willing to restore a Classic back to its former glory! The end of the Defender production last year, may have had an impact on the numbers, but this has made the Series Land Rover’s even more popular and harder to find.

One of the biggest problems is the growing trend to export Land Rovers. With the demand for the older models higher than ever, especially in the USA as it is legal to import a vehicles over 25 years old. The UK restorer’s are being tempted by high bids from overseas to sell.

Often Land Rovers are being broken down for their treasured parts! These vintage cars are being pulled apart and sold off piece by piece. A tragic end to such a British Icon! We need to Keep these Classic Land Rovers in the UK in their original condition, and complete!

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Another reason for fewer Series Land Rover’s on the road could be the cost of repairing these old Land Rovers after crashes etc. Some owners decide to SORN their Land Rover rather than repair as the cost is too high. This way they still manage to keep the car in the family but off the road.

If you are privilege enough to own a Classic Land Rover treasure it! They are hard to come by and it seems their days may well be numbered. With numbers dropping we need to protect and preserve them.

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Lets keep the Classic Land Rover alive in the UK!

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