Keep you and your Land Rover warm this winter!

With more bad weather forecast over the next week and the coming months, it will be well worth getting your Land Rover fit for winter.  Let’s take a look at a few ways you can take the chill off in the mornings and help your Land Rover run a little warmer.

Built ultimately for off-roading the Land Rover especially the older models aren’t always the most comfortable vehicle to travel in during the winter. Often they are axle deep in mud or snow helping a ‘normal’ car out of trouble or you are just out enjoying your Land Rovers capabilities going about your business. However, these utility vehicles when out in the cold also get really cold.

Newer models such as the Discovery and Range Rover perform as you would expect in terms of travel comfort, but Defenders and series vehicles leave a lot to be desired! If you own a Defender or Series Land Rover you may want to consider making it more comfortable to travel in through the cold winter months.

Fit a Radiator Muff

A Radiator Muff drops, or mount over your front grill and block off cool air from making its way into the engine bay. This means your engine gets up to temperature faster and you get a warmer heater quicker! Once up to temperature they can be rolled up and clipped in the open position. Radiator muffs can also be used when wading in deep water to help prevent water and mud entering the radiator and clogging it.  They are easy to fit and no tools required!
Fuel Burning Heater

Fit a Fuel Burning Heater

This clever device allows you to switch on the heater in your car remotely from the comfort of your home – no need to go outside and start your engine to defrost your car.

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A Snow Cowl

Add a Snow Cowl

The Snow Cowl is an all-weather accessory that replaces the heater intake grill on the top of the wings on all Defender models. The snow cowl helps prevent snow, mud, leaves, and sand entering the heater intake hindering performance. They also reduce the air coming through the vents on the dash, hence keeping you warmer!

These are just a few suggestions on how to get prepared for a cold spell – do you have any more?


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