Lady’s Love Land Rovers too!

Most people think Land Rovers and off-roading is only for men.  They think its just men who like to go off-roading and love tinkering in the garage fixing their beloved Land Rovers! However, whilst working within the Land Rover industry selling Land Rover parts & accessories I’ve noticed there is a huge community of Lady Land Rover owners and lovers out there too. Inspired by International Women’s Day today we want to hear from all our women followers who love Land Rover’s.

Calling all Women Land Rover owners.

Here at JGS4X4 we have many women, customers who love off-roading, getting their Land Rover muddy and challenging themselves to see how far they can push their vehicle. There are many lady Land Rover owners who contact us for parts and advice. There is even a fantastic women’s Facebook group called LR Ladies, where you can ask for help, advice and share photos of your adventures too.  

Local 4×4 Land Rover clubs welcome new women and many become part of the response team volunteering to help the community when the weather is bad, or when the emergency services need some extra help.

Land Rover’s Not just for men!

Land Rovers are not just for men, women not only work within the industry they also love owning and driving Land Rovers.  Are you a Lady Land Rover lover? If so like this page, and share with another Lady Land Rover owner.

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