Land Rover Adventures with Your Dog This Summer

Now the warm summer days are here it’s time to plan your off-roading adventures. If like us you like to take your dog along for the adventure too, you will want to keep them as comfortable and as safe as possible on the journey. Whether travelling short or long distance, we always ensure we pack enough water, biscuits, blankets, towels, and their comfy bed. Dogs like their home comforts just as much as we do!

Land Rover Dog Guard

Travelling with your four-legged friend can be fun and some may want to have them roaming freely in the car, but this is just asking for trouble. Having a dog guard is a much safer option as it will prevent them from roaming in the car and if an accident was to occur it will prevent them from hitting you and potentially going through the window. The other good thing about fitting a dog guard is that you can clip your dog’s lead to it.

dog guard

Land Rover Dog Ramp

If your dog is young and active it may like to jump in and out of your Land Rover, but it has been said that there is an increased chance of joint related health issues if this is repeated over several years. As Land Rovers are elevated a few feet from the ground it can be a struggle for older dogs to gain access to your vehicle. We would highly recommend using a vehicle access dog ramp. They are easy to assemble, lightweight, collapsible, and easy on your dog’s joints – our dogs love using a vehicle access ramp!

Dirt-free Land Rover Interior

seat covers
boot liner

When it comes to keeping your Land Rover as dirt-free as possible, we think prevention is better than cure, particularly when travelling with your dog. That is why we stock hardwearing anti-slip boot mat liners and waterproof seat covers to protect your Land Rover from those muddy paws!

Plan Adequate Stops

When travelling long distance with your dog onboard, ensure you plan in enough stops for them to stretch their legs, go to the toilet and drink water as they can get very thirsty when travelling, especially in the summer months when your Land Rover can heat up quickly.

James and the JGS4x4 team are always on hand to discuss your Land Rover parts requirements.

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