Land Rover Defender 110 LE Tomb Raider Restoration

When you own a Special Edition Land Rover it’s an extra special thing, but like all vehicles, they all need looking after. My 2001 Tomb Raider 110 is no different, being one of the 250 originally built and according to “How Many Left” its one of the 63 left as of 2016. It’s not all that bad really and MOT wise is absolutely fine. Before it gets too bad I thought I would treat it to some new parts, no modifications as I want to keep the vehicle as it should be.

The roof rack and roll cage have some rust starting to show on the welds so this needs sorting. Off with the roll cage, rack and lights. As I am getting these stripped and zinc coated the light guards, NAS step will go at the same time. The bumper is standard so a new unpainted one has been ordered and will get a zinc coat as well.

While that lot has its first stage of removing Land Rover’s powder coat and the zinc applied the 110 is off to BME (Barnwell Motor Engineering) for Brandon and Steve to work their magic for me.

Why BME? Well Steve has been in the motor industry all his life and with his knowledge from his work with VOSA and a Government Vehicle Examiner combined with Brandon who worked for JLR as an expert in development, testing and problem solving they really do know their stuff when it comes down to Land Rovers. Their motto “It is not broken until we say we cannot fix it” is a great one to have.

I want a top notch job as I plan to keep the Tomb Raider for years to come. All the parts they need are in the vehicle. The first job for them was to replace all the bushes. I noticed the old bushes are starting to look their age of 15 years of use. SuperPro bushes was my choice of replacement. While on suspension and as the front was slightly down due to its age, only one thing for it Old Man Emu springs, shocks and steering damper which will do the job nicely for the coming years. The Springs are manufactured from state of the art micro-alloyed spring steel for superior strength and durability. Nitrocharger Sport shocks with advanced duel-stack deflective disc technology.

While the wheels are off for the suspension it makes sense to look at the brakes and they too are nearing the end of useful life too. This time I chose performance discs and EBC Green Stuff brake pads all round.

The rear cross member is showing signs of the dreaded rust, I had tried to strip and repaint even with some rust killer but it’s come back again. So I ordered a heavy duty 3mm version, once welded on this will be treated along with the rest of the chassis. Brandon at BME has some good quality stuff for coating my chassis.

While I am doing the restoration, I am going to have a blemish in the paint to the rear quarter and the windscreen brackets seen too as well. The rear body capping was a slightly lighter grey than it should be when I bought the Tomb Raider so while the paint is out this will be put right as well.

The rear lights were a version of the NAS rear lights in LED but have damp issues. I have bought the Wipac Clear LED light kit and using the standard size on the front and the NAS clear LEDs on the rear. I changed the brake lights as some LED’s had gone but the rest will be changed once the vehicle is back from its restoration.


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One comment on “Land Rover Defender 110 LE Tomb Raider Restoration
  1. Maurice Nunn says:

    Thank you for reminding me to get mine ready for the summer.
    As soon as the weather turns I will be ordering again.

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