Land Rover Discovery 2 ACE System

When ordering certain parts for a Land Rover Discovery 2 you may see various options depending on if the vehicle has ACE? What does this mean?

ACE is an abbreviation for Active Cornering Enhancement, this is part of the suspension system.

ACE is and electronic and hydraulic system that uses sensors and an ECU to activate a hydraulic cylinder on the front and rear anti roll bars to keep the vehicle level when cornering. When working the ACE system is excellent and makes the ride and road handling more like a normal car rather than the handling of a tall, heavy SUV.

The ACE system consists of many components including:

High pressure hydraulic system

  1. Fluid reservoir
  1. Hydraulic pump
  1. Pipes
  1. Control valve
  1. Filters
  1. Rams

There are many parts to the ACE system and all can be troublesome in one way or another. Basic maintenance involves changing the filter every 72,000 miles, part number RVJ100010 and checking the high pressure pipes for corrosion. The metal pipes are prone to corroding and leaking, replacement pipes are expensive and difficult to fit. So much so that many owners prefer to disable the ACE system rather than repair.

When ordering parts such as suspension components including anti roll bar bushes, shock absorbers and springs and also drive belts you need to know if you have ACE fitted. If you are unsure there are a number of ways to tell.

Have a look under the bonnet at the power steering reservoir on the near side of the engine bay, non ACE models have a small tank with 1 cap, ACE models have a larger tank with 2 caps. You can also have a look under the off side front wheel arch, behind the wheel you will see a hydraulic ram connected to the anti roll bar or under the drivers side seat, ACE models have a control block attached to the chassis with the high pressure pipes connected.

So next time you need to order a suspension part or drivebelt, have a quick look to see if you have ACE fitted.


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