Land Rover Freelander 1 Common Faults

The Land Rover Freelander 1 is still one of Land Rovers most popular compact 4×4 SUV’s and for good reason. Known for its lively nature and its ability to tackle any terrain, the Land Rover Freelander 1 is both fun and practical. However, over time there are a few common faults that have been picked up. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common faults that every Freelander 1 owner should know about to get the most from their vehicle.

Land Rover Freelander

Land Rover Freelander 1 Rear Differential Mounts

Some Freelander 1 drivers have experienced knocks, clunks, and bangs from the transmission area of their Freelander which come from the rubber differential mounts perishing. To rectify this, you simply need to replace the 3 differential mounts (centre, left and right).

You can purchase a Freelander 1 L314 Rear Diff Mounting Kit here.

Land Rover Freelander 1 Rear Tailgate Window Regulator

The rear tailgate window not working or getting stuck is a common issue on the Land Rover Freelander 1. The most cost effective and easiest way to rectify this issue is to replace the complete window regulator and motor rather than replacing just the cables or motor.

You can purchase a quality replacement rear tailgate window regulator, complete with an electric motor here.

Land Rover Freelander 1 Turbo and Intercooler Hoses

It’s common on the Land Rover Freelander 1 for the hose to spilt causing a lack of turbo boost pressure and therefore lack of power. Simply rectify this with a set of new replacement rubber turbo and intercooler rubber hoses.

You can purchase a quality replacement set of Freelander 1 TD4 Diesel Intercooler Turbo Hoses here.

Land Rover Freelander 1 TD4 EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

The EGR valves on the Land Rover Freelander 1 are known for being troublesome, often failing, and expensive to replace. By removing the EGR valve with a simple kit, this will eliminate the problem from happening and will also improve the overall performance and economy.

The EGR removal kit is quite straight forward but if in any doubt please seek expert advice before fitting.

Please note: From May 2018 the MOT rules in the UK changed. Amongst the stricter rules are the new legislations regarding emissions including DPF’s and EGR systems. Any modifications/removal to emissions related devices, this includes DPF’s and EGR’s is now a major fail. However, during an MOT test, the tester can only do a visual check of the emissions system, the MOT tester is not permitted to remove covers or guards to make an inspection. You need to be aware of this before removing or modifying any emissions related devices on your car.

Land Rover Freelander 1 Crankcase Breather Filter

The crankcase breather filter is often overlooked during servicing on a Freelander 1, and can get blocked, causing puffs of smoke and if left, it can eventually cause engine/turbo damage.

We recommend replacing with a modified vortex type crankcase breather filter kit, as this breather never needs changing. Simply fit and forget!

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