Land Rover Gearboxes ‘Sealed For Life’ But how long is life?

Recently, we had a Range Rover Sport 2006 Supercharged owner come to us for a Gearbox Fluid Flush as he had around 116,00 miles on the clock.  Interestingly, he worked for Jaguar Land Rover and we had a lengthy discussion about the theory that Land Rover state that their Land Rover gear boxes are ‘sealed for life’ and never need servicing!

Which begs the question – How long is the life of a Land Rover?

Maybe lifetime to car manufacturers is 5yrs / 60 – 100k?  or is it sealed for the life of the lease contract? or does sealed for life mean until it dies…..

Either way you would never leave your engine oil in for life? So why is the gearbox different?  The fluid that came out of this Range Rover Sport Sport is the one on the left! The new one on the right – Quite a difference I would say…

I think we proved our point to this Jaguar Land Rover employee! A Gearbox Fluid Flush is a very good service to get on your investment.

If you want your Land Rover to last for life, we highly suggest you have a Gearbox Fluid Flush before the miles stack up.  We would recommend around 80,000 miles. However, if you get signs of slow gear changing, juddering and hunting between gears or over revving then your auto box would benefit from an ATF Mega Flush sooner.

My final analysis on the ‘sealed for life’ statement is that maybe it simply means ‘when the gearbox fails we want you to buy a new one” or is that a bit harsh…..

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