Land Rover Off-Roading Modifications

Land Rovers are renowned for their ability to take on tricky terrain, but if you’re wanting to do some extreme off-roading then we would highly recommend making a few modifications to enhance your off-roading experience.

We’ve put together a list of our top Land Rover off-roading modifications below.

Land Rover

Land Rover Suspension Lift Kits

Raising the suspension in your Land Rover with a Coil Spring & Shock Absorber Suspension Lift Kit enables you to fit larger tyres, increasing the ground clearance for better approach, break-over and departure angles for extreme off-roading!

Land Rover Extended Braided Brake Hose Kit

If you’re fitting a Suspension Lift Kit to your Land Rover, we recommend fitting Extended Braided Brake Hoses which are 40mm longer than standard brake hoses and will allow for more articulation.  

Land Rover Intercooler for Off-Roading

Intercooler performance is crucial when generating high air temperatures from turbochargers when off-roading. This intercooler has been uniquely designed with specific core choices and fin density options to optimise the cooling effect for off-roading in your Land Rover. The end tanks are laser cut and carefully welded using flared tubes for maximum airflow efficiency across the core’s full width. The off-road intercoolers core uses a coarse 9-fins per inch for easy cleaning and efficient low-speed performance.

Intercooler for off road
Land Rover 4x4 Recovery Winch

Having a Recovery Winch fitted to your Land Rover is highly recommended when doing extreme off-roading. This powerful Terrafirma 4×4 Recovery Winch incorporates a Series wound motor for high performance and fast line speed, a rated rock guard safety hook with a Dyneema synthetic rope and comes encased in a heavy-duty corrosion resistant mounting, ideal for mud-plugging and off-roading.

Land Rover Raised Air Intake (Snorkel)

Fitting a raised air intake (snorkel) to your Land Rover will prevent water entering the air intake system when wading through deep water. A raised air intake will also give cleaner air to the engine and improve engine efficiency as a larger amount of air will be fed into the combustion chamber, improving the overall fuel-burning cycle.

Land Rover Steel Guards

When extreme off-roading we highly recommend protecting the important components that are exposed and vulnerable on the underside of your Land Rover with steel guards, including the front and rear differentials, the fuel tank and the gearbox.

List of Land Rover Off Road Modifications:

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