Land Rover Series Restoration Resurgence – Lets talk door seals!

There has been a big resurgence in the number of older Land Rover Series 2, 2A and in particular Series 3 models that are being restored and renovated in recent months.  The ‘Land Rover Series’ resurgence could be due to the high prices that used Defenders are selling for at the moment with them coming off the production line.  Everyone is looking for a cheaper alternative ‘barn find’ restoration project to get their hands stuck into.


As always, there will be problems along the way when working on old Land Rovers.  These vehicles were built years ago, and technology has progressed a lot since then.  The Series Land Rovers are a very basic design with drafts and gaps everywhere!

Lets talk door seals!

One of the big problems for years has been being able to get decent door seals. As we all know the doors on old Land Rovers never shut that well as it is.  The door seals on early Series Land Rovers tend to be hard and harden more with age.  So gaps between a door seal and the edge of a door are common.

Up until now the only option available was the hard Indian made rubber seals.  This makes it almost impossible to get a nice closing door that seals properly because the rubber is just too hard!

We now have the solution

We have sourced these soft rubber seals made by an OEM manufacturer in the UK to the exact original specifications of the original door rubber seals.


This means that the doors will now close easily without having to slam and push them, and they seal properly keeping the warm in, and the cold & wet out!

We have kits for each of the Front Doors and also the Rear Safari type door.  Each kit is enough to do one complete front door.  Be sure to order the correct left, right or rear safari kit!  Click below to order:

Right Hand Series 2/2A/3 Front Door Seal Kit

Left Hand Series 2/2A/3 Front Door Seal Kit

Land Rover Series 2/2A/3 Rear Safari Door Seal Kit

This should make your restoration a little more sealed and draft free!

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